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  1. 5. Something to add: Please banned him. Admins not online. Please give someone admin status for banned bad-players. Made my ass laugh a bit, why would we give some random people admin status to ban people? Anyway Like Shock said, we cant really punish someone with only one screenshot we only see that he is betting on himself and that he is saying bet on me, but there is no proof he was camping to win the bet. useless report.
  2. True, but if we have like 30 ppl ingame we can fix something else for it
  3. i dont like this idea also, it's better that people can buy 1 map per 5/10 mins. it will get us less shit and some players buy way too much maps. and if we get an queue for like 5 maps we can get like 5 hunter maps in a row if people do that. so i will stay at my idea for the timer and hope it gets true ingame.
  4. Hello Readers. So here is my idea, some players are buying way too much maps in a row and the slower people are just too late and can't but their map. kinda unfair aint it ? So my idea is to make a "little" Timer for people so they can only buy one map per 5/10 minuts. So the other people can buy their maps too. Best Regards Liquify~
  5. Happy bday oxy ! i wish u a great birthday :3
  6. Thankyou mate and nice picture !
  7. Thanks mate! It was an really special day and i had a lot of fun !
  8. Hello nicaT, Thanks for reporting. but i can not specifically see that he is insulting one of u guys, i can see this guy is flaming but on your screenshot i cant really see that he is flaming you or your friend. so if you have more screenshots of the previous conversation can you post that aswell ? We do not tolerate Insulting but i cannot really get much out of this screenshot. Anyway lets wait for some higher rank to answer your report. Best Regards - Liquify.
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