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  1. Welcome to our pre-summer update! Summer is right around the corner, which means that its time to celebrate. This update is once again filled with some new things. Once again some new customization & a special event for you competetive people that want to get rewarded by playing on our server! Also, why not double the EXP amounts ???? ? Customization We decided that it would be nice to add some more DVO customization. From now on you can not only the DVO for your vehicle, but also for your vehicle windows and wheels (rims). The Commands are /dvowin (windows) & /dvowh (wheels). As i mentioned above, its time to celebrate. Its been a few months since we added the normal DVO system to our server, we also thought it would be a good idea to reward our community with free DVO, although its free for a week. Hunter Event We decided that it would be a good idea to also create some kind of event for you guys. The event is called Hunter Event. For three days the five people that manage to reach the highest amount of hunters will be rewarded. All you have to do is finish the maps, also it does not count to get the hunter in training mode. After three days, the players will be rewarded with EXP, Money & Donator Status. What you can use to check your own ranking is /he and if you wish to see somebody elses ranking, just write /he NUMBER, the number that you write will tell you the player that is on that current ranking spot. Also if you somehow come across any bug, dont abuse it but instead message admins about it. That will help us make the experience more fun for everyone. Also, we will soon enough release more updates, so stay tuned!
  2. Marvel give me your Skype

    1. MarveL



  3. THE FAVOURED FEW LOGS / STAFF CHANGES Update #36 Date: 16/05/2018 KICKS @Horus has unfortunately failed his trial period. PROMOTIONS @WalK! has successfully passed his trial period. @Shael has successfully passed his trial period. @Dannic has successfully passed his trial period. @krmky has successfully passed his trial period. @PlAyBoY has successfully passed his trial period. NEW MEMBERS @DRiVeR has joined our clan as a Trial Member! The join requests are still open, and the people that havent been accepted yet might still get accepted at any time, so keep your heads up and Good Luck!
  4. Awh, even if you were hard to understand sometimes, and it was fun to troll around with you, you will be missed friend! If it wouldnt be for you, i wouldnt have gotten the mapping grind, and propably would still make super shit maps. (P.S i dont make good maps still) Hope everything in life will be fine, and i also hope i get to see you ingame some time again! GOOD LUCK ❤️
  5. Map 3 points 2 points 1 point 1 point 1. iRaven - For The Love of BriaN Ronaldo (3) Naval (2) CascaDe (1) AstoN (1) 2. Cookie ft. sYKu ft. Flash - Scar Tissue Crystal (3) Naval (4) Ronaldo (4) naxo (1) 3. TulioTC ft. Exodo - Magnetic Love III naxo (4) Ronaldo (6) Naval (5) Crystal (4) 4. Gallardo v6 - Racing Theory Crystal (7) Ronaldo (8) Naval (6) AkromZ (1) 5. Rafinha ft. LemoN ft. Naval - We Just Wanna Run CascaDe (4) Aeron (2) naxo (5) Crystal (8) 6. CooN v1 - Serenity CascaDe (7) Aeron (4) Naval (7) naxo (6) 7. CresheZ v4 - Chasing Infinity II naxo (9) krlos (2) Gteatero (1) Aeron (5) 8. AbodyRulez v4 - Dark Glare Naval (10) AstoN (3) Tomas (1) naxo (10) 9. Freeze v.10 - Get Loose II naxo (13) CascaDe (9) MJT (1) Naval (11) 10. Scorex - Incendiary II Aeron (8) MJT (3) CascaDe (10) Naval (12) 11. Silverfox v3 - Ember AstoN (6) Gteatero (4) Aeron (9) naxo (14) 12. Spectrum v4 - Place Of Illusions CascaDe (13) Aeron (11) naxo (15) Crystal (9) 13. Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory Aeron (14) Freak (2) MJT (4) AstoN (7) 14. SaPpHirE - ft - PeiN - UPROAR naxo (18) Ronaldo (10) Naval (13) MJT (5) 15. SIISTI-C V2 krlos (5) CascaDe (15) Naval (14) Ronaldo (11) 16. Ravolt v19 - Ravoltage II Naval (17) Ronaldo (13) naxo (19) Aeron (15) 17. SaPpHirE-ft-FiNN-Artificial-Quietness Crystal (12) Ronaldo (15) Naval (18) CascaDe (16) 18. SlowSheep Vol.5 - Eternal Dementia AstoN (10) CascaDe (18) MJT (6) Freak (3) 19. Micra v18 - Flawless Naval (21) Crystal (14) CascaDe (19) Aeron (16) 20. Scorex - Incendiary 1 Crystal (17) Ronaldo (17) Aeron (17) naxo (20) Total Points Naval: 21 Naxo: 20 CascaDe: 19 Crystal: 17 Ronaldo: 17 Aeron: 17 AstoN: 10 MJT: 6 krlos: 5 Gteatero: 4 Freak: 3 Tomas: 1 AkromZ: 1 MVP: @Naval Referees @MarveL @GameX
  6. Omey, you seem to be the one provoking and trying to start an argument, that shouldnt have taken place. He does not insult you from the very beginning, but you instead see an issue that isnt there at all. As i told you on discord, you're too smart for your own good. Case Closed
  7. MarveL

    No Beast Mode

    Your fun team does not even have one member. Team request declined.
  8. I thought that one response to this topic by me was enough, but this message was just too nice to not respond to. I couldnt thank you more Timbo, because if it wouldnt be for u motivating me and pushing me to do those designs when i applied to TFF, then i most likely wouldnt have been here. I am super thankful about you helping me out and getting my ass into this clan. Means alot to have you as a friend. TIMBO BIMBO!!!
  9. Little CheiNito, Welcome and Enjoy your stay brother! ❤️
  10. @Eficion Wouldnt have been able to pull it off without you my little gipsy ❤️
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