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  1. Chaos


  2. when server tho? @Rothschild
  3. I know that this team was created like some time again, but I would like to delete it, as I will post another application right now. Thank you. Team Leader: SIEGE! & Itachi Team Name: Vigour Gaming Team Type: Official Clan Team Tag: vR# Team Members: https://vigour-gaming.com/index.php?/clan-roster/ Team Color: #FA5A10
  4. Don't wanna get involved, because obviously I have better things to do than wasting my time with DogZone, but I don't feel like he deserves another chance. I felt like he did, but the way he acted on skype and chatbox ( judging from proofs) he doesn't deserve it at all. Maybe some time in the near future he will, but since he's acting like that, he doesn't. Keep him banned.
  5. You mean the event that turns every1 toxic? No ty, you can have it, Dogzone is already toxic enough, fak him.
  6. Fkin Dogzone, I even told you in skype group, you are fkin extra, stop it xDDDD
  7. Good luck guys. The favoured Few - 8 Sixth Sense - 12
  8. Nickname: ShineX Skype: alin.marciuc1998@gmail.com Serial:Will be given next week.
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