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  1. Money Positive: As more you got as more you can afford and have a higher life quality Negative: As more you got as more you lose control about it and forget about its worth Next: perfectionism
  2. The Favoured Few - Training 3.0 Content: Whats new Explainations Fixed bugs Toptimes reset Planned updates (3.1) Helping us to improve Fixed bugs of 3.0 1. Whats new As you will see we completely redesigned the training server and there are many of new features designed for WFF, you might already know 2 from main server. Line record - You can disable everything to improve performance and configure it. Checkpoints - They will always be captured but you can hide them in the map, configureable. Comparison - With this new panel you can see how you drove a map and it will show you parts where you have been slower / faster than your previous best time Personal checkpoints - You want to train only 1 part for the perfect way? Set start/end checkpoints and see your time differences Spawn changer - You are now able to scroll to change your spawn and the time will start ticking when you start moving Vehicle Repair and NOS-refill (Disables toptimes until you respawn) Changeable key binds in "Controls"-Tab but also with commands you see when you hover the edit-boxes /denyspec command to disable spectators 2. Explainations About the lines/checkpoints: Dont be worried if you train any maps WFF style. The line and checkpoints will be saved client-side only, so only you will be able to see them. About the comparison: The line you will see there shows you the average speed between 2 checkpoints you had. X = KMH, Y = SEC. All 5 sec will be 1 checkpoint. If you havent finish a map it will tell you "No data found", since there are no checkpoints to compare. When you finished a map / improved your time your file will be overwritten and reloaded so that you will see a white line. When you were slower then your previous made time you will see the actual comparison: 2 Lines. First in grey (old one) and the second in red/green. While red represents that you were slower in that part in average, green meant you were faster. About personal checkpoints: They are temporary. No data of these will be saved and you will see your times when you hit start and after that the end checkpoint. When you change the map your checkpoints will be deleted and best time reset. 3. Fixed Bugs NOS-bug isnt possible anymore (for the one who dont know: Before when you hit a nos pickup and pressed enter you respawned with nos). Vehiclechange-bug isnt possible anymore (was the same as nos-bug) Nitro will now be set to the level it when you saved a warp was and auto-activated if it was active on warp load. 4. Toptimes reset Since we have now fixed important bugs when it comes to toptimes there are many toptimes which are not beatable anymore due to the vehiclechange- and nos-bug. Because of that the toptimes list will be reset for training 3.0 but not anymore for upcoming updates. 5. Planned updates (3.1) We have already planned stuff for update 3.1 which will include the following: Ranking (Players love to compete and many already asked for that so why not) Map-Browser favourite maps Pressing B for spectating and switching players with arrows Sharing your recorded line/checkpoints for a map with players of your choice Slider for fast-scrolling in browser Map internal chat (normal t chat) and global chat (g chat) Maybe 2 Toptimes (toggleable ofc), 1 of the training, second of the main server to compare times from both servers 6. Helping us to improve If you found a bug please let us know about it here If you have ideas and suggestions for Training 3.1 please tell us here 7. Fixed bugs of 3.0 Time-reset after enter and holding -/repressing W NOS-giving while map loads Chat / Language chat opening in Map Browser (btw if you didnt know, you dont have to click "Search..", just start typing there) Cursor staying when clicked on a editbox / the search bar and closed the panel
  3. Since this map is like 60%+ done i would recommend you to finish it by your own ????
  4. Thank you for giving me the change to prove myself in TfF ???? Good job about the new forum theme and news post
  5. Hey Guys, today i would like to present my ft with DarkDevil, called Mountain Forest: Record was made by Exade96 (Skype name) Song in the Video: Cyber Candy & Electrode - Rare Candy (Marshmallows Remix) Original Map Song: Jaymes Young - Moondust (Sound Remedy Remix) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/orz1r0096z54850/%5BDM%5DCeeser-ft-DarkDevil-Mountain-Forest.zip
  6. Hi guys, Im searching for two ft partners who want to finsh my map. The Map: Original song: If you want to finish the map with another ft partner, add me in Skype: collngr96 Thanks. Recorder: Abnormal Bros, thanks to him.
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