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  1. Nickname: FLiP Skype: Serial:
  2. Flip


    Krasqa o.o wb noob
  3. Congratulations to the new slaves and to uns and dragun, who are honored to demote me, whenever I start some shit again ...As I am also finally back to MTA and therefore DM clanwars, let us prove anyone wrong who claims we are a dead community! Qo TfF
  4. Hey there handsome! 😍

    1. Flip


      #nohomo om

  5. cool map ᕦ(Ȍ ε Ȍ)ᕥ
  6. Stafu mebi :v

    1. Chaos


      Can we get this guy banned @Flip?

    2. Flip


      Sure ????

  7. ugly ass mofo

  8. SK!

    Stalker ????️‍♂️????

    1. Flip


      Bro om :gif_banana:

  9. accepted, but not at that date we can discuss another one on skypito
  10. Natsu

    Om marvin ❤️ 

  11. SK!

    When SK ft FLiP ? e.e

    1. Flip


      idk brosky


  12. #ACCEPTED I will contact you @ Skype soon
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