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  1. Clan Information: - Website: https://www.zenosyne.net - Name: Zenosyne - Tag: #Z - Contact: Trend#3227 / freddy6.sk (Discord/Skype). Clan War Information: - Type: DD. - Date: dd.mm.2018. - Time: to be discussed. - Server: /TfF\ | DD | Clanwar Server | www.tffgaming.com. - Players: 3 vs. 3 FrusaweL Sentro Robko - Reserves: Trend (Team Manager) Equip LonneX LookaT DLF - Maps: 4 (2 maps picked by each clan and played 5 times in a row during cw). Rules: Chat rules: - Leaders, CW managers and Referees are the only ones who are allowed to speak in main chat. - Any kind of insulting, flaming or spamming in the main chat is strictly forbidden. - Keep the main chat as clean as possible. General rules: - Both teams are able to choose impartial referee(s). - Min FPS: 42 - Max Ping: 120 - Everyone from each clan is able to participate in a clan war. - If someone times out while the map is running, we continue playing. - Any kind of insulting, begging or flaming is going to be punished with a mute. CW players can't be punished without being warned. *In case the player keeps insulting, begging or flaming (e.g. nick changing), he will be banned from the server. - In case of draw after the 20 rounds, CW managers will discuss about it and decide if they want a draw or play additional round(s). Destruction Derby rules: - It's not allowed to use any form of cheating that gives you an unfair advantage (car mods, custom handlings, CPU stressers, FPS limiters, dll injectors, etc). - It's not allowed to use fake players. - FPS and Ping should be stable (FPS not less than 42, ping not higher than 120). - Amount of maps is default (4 maps, 5 rounds each one, total 20 rounds). - The time limit of each round is 10 minutes. - Maps will be chosen by the 1x1x1x1 method. - If both teams didn't want to start the process of choosing maps, we play one round at Cross (winners, are able to decide about the turns of choosing maps). - Maps will be played by the one after one method, with the same chain as it was chosen. - If someone times out before the round starts, we redo the round. - If someone times out while the round is running (if he is alive), we redo the map (in same positions, if required). - It's not allowed to abuse this rule (provoking time-outs intentionally to redo the map). (I attached our rules, because I didn't find here your rules for DD). GO ZENO!
  2. * Man vs. Wild * Man vs. Food * Vikings * Prison Break
  3. Nickame: Trend Skype: freddy6.sk
  4. Nickname: Trend Skype: freddy6.sk Serial: 3F164856547684A8ABE9233F5BCE3502
  5. Trend

    Words game !

    I think that's battle between @CzerkA and @MarshMello ! Keep doing
  6. | JOIN REQUEST UPDATE | I will be inactive from 31st of May until the 9th of June due to trip to High Tatras and Tatralandia (Aquapark). 

    1. ryderawr


      ok bro

    2. LookaT


      Well, a bit too late to say good bye but welcome back :gif_easter3:

  7. Trend

    report risque

    What a comedy..
  8. Hi peeps! Soon will be released new featured DD project, stay tuned! :11_blush:

  9. Gematria is banned for non-acceptance in ~[EPG]~ for 10 times.
  10. Trend

    /TfF\ vs. |6s #2

    #gogo #tff #destroy #them!!!
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