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A New Forum / Trials & Server Addons!

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It's been a while since we last time posted here anything ???? Don't expect a long news, I will rather keep it short due to my lack of free time.


Sorry for the delays with the forum, but I simply couldn't find enough time to finish it. Even tho, there are some missing things I have finally decided to re-open forum to not keep you waiting. We hope you'll like a new theme.


Things such as map uploader,  former members and clan wars page will recieve an update too.


More detailed informations regarding our forum and in future changes will be posted down here in "Forum / Server Updates" article which is shown and can be easily clicked on from our main forums page. Same thing goes to FAQ & our community rules. I haven't found time yet to write it down but I might will in the next couple of days! ????




During all the time forum was offline, we have occured some changes in our clan roster.


Firstly, we would like to say goodbye to Mokka who left us lately and also Generix who has been kicked due to his inactivity.

Take care boys and see you around.


Furthermore, let's welcome these newcomers!



has been given a trial

ceeser Ceeser

has been given a trial

blizard BliZarD

has been given a trial

atomix Atomix

has been given a trial


Welcome in TfF. We hope you will have a great time here ????


Like always, to the rest of Applicants who havent been picked this time, there's still a chance for you to be chosen. We are not declining yours Join Requests. So do not lose a hope ????


Last but not least,

Since Uns decided to step away from his position as Co-Leader, we had to find a new replacement. We think @MarveL is a good candidate for this position. He has already proved himself in many ways, so no doubts that he will keep on doing that great job as co-leader too.  Congratz !



Thanks to Ceeser, we have also added some new things to our servers.


  1. New deathlist which consumes way less of users CPU.
  2. New rewind system as one of the training choices. You can switch the way of respawning by typing /crespawn.
  3. Line which helps players pass the map with a time bar (of fastest toptime recorded) so that a players knew if they are faster or not ????
  4. New customization panel
  5. Possibility to bind antibounce on the key you'd like by using /abkey "key" &  /toggleab to toggle ab on/off by holding selected key



Regaring our 2.0...


We are also planning doing a sneak peek series but there's still a time needed to make it happen. For now we will share you some blurred pictures below of our upcoming server.




That would be it for today, more news soon!


Some short note:

Germany has been DQ from our tournament due to a recent events that occured during the match vs Czechoslovakia.



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