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Happy New Year!

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Good evening!


Welcome in another news episode!

First of all, our dear community would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. Hopefully this new year will be a breakthrough one to you and your dreams will finally turn into reality.


This year was surely a successful one to our community. Even tho we haven't managed to release the long awaited 2.0 we still think we did well this year. We released a lot of cool updates to our server which definitely brought some freshness to our servers. With all these ups, we also had our downs. We lost a lot of good members but we have also gained a good ones. So, no matter what could happen, we will never give up on trying.

So what are our plans for 2018?




Of course, we are looking forward releasing our 2.0 but we have also prepared some updates which supposed to show up this year but due to some delays we had to postpone it. A totally new bodyparts panel is on it's way with a lot more possibilities to customize your vehicle.

We will be releasing it any time soon. So get ready!

Last trials in 2017


In the last recruitment we promised that we will take few more members into our clan. 

To keep our promises, in the last weekend of 2017 we are taking the last 3 trial members. So please warm welcome them.

We also would like to mention few more changes that happened in our clan rosted.  Changes are listed below.


danger Danger

has been given a trial


has been given a trial


has been given a trial



is now Clan Member


is now Clan Member


is now Clan Member



has left the clan


has been kicked from clan


Congratulations to the newest members and those who have successfully passed their trials. :)

What's more, we have also changed a little bit our "/TfF\ Friends" group.  Members of this group have been given moderator rights in our servers (currently only 2 members). They are allowed to punish ( blow/mute/kick)  rule breakers. We are not having recruitment for this group. The only chance of getting there is by invitation. Accepting new members by Join Request thus getting new admins will always be our number 1 priority. We just wanted to reward the most active players and give them one more possibility to contribute in our community.


Winter World Cup Tournament (WFF Edition)


While ago, we have suggested to do another World Cup Tournament. This time on WFF terms. You guys have agreed to give it a try.

So, from the begining of new year we will be having 2 World Cups through whole year - WFF during Winter and DM in the Summer (Holidays). We are not giving up on Deathmatch!


Registration for the Winter edition will be opened in the very first week of January.



Our Latest Clan War...


Last but not least, I promised to do the "after cw" thread but due to the lack of free time I haven't managed to create one. It's been a while since we played clan war against UP, still it's worth mentioning it. The match ended 14 : 6 in our favour. Luckily there wasn't many arguments or what so ever, so I find this clan war as successful one. I would like to thank our players who participated in the clan war, referees  and @Optic for streaming the clan war.


Most likely the next match we are going to play will be against nTL due to the fact they are waiting the most. Looking forward to this and further clan wars.


Have a great New Year's Eve!

See you the next year! :)



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