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  4. Very well mapped for a vol 1, some details could have be missed but it is ok for a starting in mapping
  5. Great step for a big old clan, i'm waiting for the new server, i hope it all works out
  6. As much as I hate hdm maps that last longer than 5 mins, This one is sick ngl, Great work all of u
  7. Awesome map ,with an amazing track and a beautiful deco. New HDM, need to play it, i'm addicted! Besides this, the editon is unique.
  8. thats the stuff ive been waiting for, good to see you guys back on the road congrats to all the new members p.s flyp mf
  9. naisu qlos, gratz to all new members
  10. Well written shock and wb tff. Congratz to the new bois
  11. We TFF we just built different bois
  12. Earlier
  13. Amazing, gratz to the ones who has joined. Tff is getting back !
  14. OH MY GOD, THAT'S NEW, VERY HAPPY TO SEE THIS VAMOOO @Flip, @Frowzy, @GhosT, @#beatZ!, @Thejoker, @Alin, @ShaoliN, @Boyka, @MaRtiiN, @Dr4gZ LET'S GO TFF
  15. Seems like magically you got it back
  16. Great news! Congratulations to those, who just joined. It’s nice to TFF back at it. Finally, there will be another server worth to play on. Xiti did a great job on VIP’s script. It still is one of the loveliest ones around MTA. I will definitely pay a visit. All those memories will probably start to shine again. See ya ingame! - Trollimbo P.S. Someone stole my friends rank back in the days. Never questioned the reason, but my feelings are still hurt.
  17. Hello! There's been a bit of an update regarding our membership. We have decided to invite -ftw- family. They are going to be now a part of TfF family. It's been discussed before but better late than never right? These guys are: @Flip, @Frowzy, @GhosT, @#beatZ!, @Thejoker, @Alin, @ShaoliN, @Boyka, @MaRtiiN, @Dr4gZ Please welcome them nicely.
  18. the news hit my radar late but i wish you the best nevertheless
  19. Finally a good server to play on :)))))))))))
  20. It's a good one but some people is saying the drivers of te RX 5700 sometime gives problems to install and RX dosen't have ray tracing and dsll2.0. Thanks ^^
  21. hello and welcome to the video of my v1, enjoy
  22. I'd recommend to buy the GIGABYTE Radeon RX 5700 XT GAMING OC 8G
  23. Heyo, i am here to ask for some advices for my new desktop. The limit budget is 800-900€. My only requeriment is to make a build around this processor AMD Ryzen 5 3600 price 200€ and 16gb ram. I also know nvidia will post this month the new 3000 series i should wait for it ? I also hearded that the prices of the RTX 2060 won't drop because nvidia shut down the productions of the 2000 series. Remind the price is on euros.
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